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Mardome Hilite

Mardome Hilite is the top specification dome unit. Due to its streamlined internal kerb and low rise dome design, the Hilite provides the largest possible daylight area for the roof opening to maximise light transmission. The Hilite upgrade combines the high security and stylish design features of the Mardome Ultra.

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  • With an increased daylight area of between 19%-78% Mardome Hilite realises the maximum energy saving benefits of natural daylight
  • The internal vertical kerb design allows a larger glazing unit to be fitted for maximum light transmission as well as more streamlined interior design
  • Available in standard sizes from 600x600mm up to 1350x1350mm
  • Choice of low rise dome or low rise pyramid shaped glazing units.
  • Choice of double, triple and quad skin units, double glazed glass inner glazing (standard or argon filled) or 25mm structured polycarbonate inner glazing for improved thermal performance
  • An Acoustics Pack is available where a reduction in rain or external noise transmission is required (not available with ventilated or opening domes)
  • Extensive choice of ventilation and opening options
  • Direct fix kerb option for installation directly onto builders upstand